Monday, April 23, 2007


Welcome to Visual Basic 2005 Corner.

In this site, you will find articles about Visual Basic 2005. The topic can be vary from programming, .NET technology review, Tip and tricks and so on. The main reason for me to create this site is because I want to share my knowledge with others, especially who is work with Visual Basic 2005.

Finally, I hope you can find something usefull in this site and you can improved your skills after read articles in this site. Happy reading.


Michael Rawi


Flame113 said...

Need help with Shockwave Flash Object
I can't see Shockwave Flash Object in COM components. Do you know how to fix it? I'm using Vista Ultimate, VS 2005, Flash CS3

Michael said...

Sorry for the late reply. I have a hard time to connect to blogspot. Don't know why.

To see an object in Visual Studio, you have to imports its reference in Application Properties. After you import it, you could see the object on the toolbar.