Friday, October 26, 2007

Convert Number (Currency) to Word - Part II

On my previous post, I explained how to convert number to word in English language. In this part, I'll explain about Indonesian language.

Basically, there's no big difference between those two languages. In fact, converting to Indonesian is easier than English, because pronunciation rule for Indonesian language is simpler.

There's no change in prefix, except you change English to Indonesian. Single word converter is as easy as prefix. All you have to do is to change their language. Indonesian only have 1 special field for "1" ("Se"), all others will remain same when added a prefix.

The last part is the main function, which is relatively easy too. You only need to add "puluh" and "belas" prefix if needed. The rest can be understand by looking at the code.

You can download the code here. It supports both Indonesian and English .

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